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Norfolk County is rich in agricultural history and natural heritage. For the brewery we grow our own organic barley and source locally where we can, so why not also for our market? We want to bring you the best locally grown goods. From asparagus and sweet corn from right across the road grown by the Welsh Bros, to Norfolk County field strawberries, the ever-elusive elderberry, to seasonal plants, locally baked goods, and other locally produced goods. 

Did you know?!

Our farm has been home to a farm market for over 20 years! We wanted to keep this history alive and offer a wide selection of seasonal produce from Norfolk County and the surrounding area.

Free-Range Farm Fresh Eggs

Being on a farm we have plenty of room for our chickens to run around. We let them free range but do supplement their diets with chicken feed and spent grains from the brewing process as well as fruits and veggies we have leftover from the market. On quiet patio days, you can even see a few braves souls venture out of their run to socialize with guests.

You can now take home their delicious eggs from the shop available daily, while supplies last!

Why not pair it with a slice of fresh Austin’s Blond Ale Loaf made with our Saison de la Meuse and spent grains. Freshly baked for Saturday mornings.

We have a wide range of chicken varieties making for a colourful easter basket with each box of a dozen eggs. 

Norfolk Cherry Company Sour Cherries

We have partnered with the Norfolk Cherry Company as their official sour cherry retailer!

Fruit is produced by local growers and received during a two to three-week packing season that usually runs from mid-July to early August. The cherries are then cooled, sorted, pitted (have the seeds removed), and frozen for long-term storage.

After packing, the fruit can be used to be made into pie fill, bakery products, dried cherries, or juice to name a few examples. Since its formation, Norfolk Cherry Company has grown from packing 500,000 to 1 million pounds per year to potentially 12 million pounds in a single season.

You can pre-order 10lb or 28lb buckets of sour cherries, packed with or without sugar, prior to the harvest season. Contact Estelle directly to place your orders by calling the shop at (519) 709-9327 or emailing hello@meusebrewing.com. Orders place after each harvest season are first come first served and subject to availability.

Cherry Saison

Fruited Farmhouse Ale

5% Alc./Vol.

The Norfolk County Montmorency cherries shine against the light malt base of our farm-grown barley. Our house yeast dries the beer out and produces a lively carbonation keeping your palate fresh. Fruity and lightly tart with moderate hop bitterness. Bottle Conditioned.

80% Homegrown grains (barley)
100% Canada-grown grains 🍁
83% Locally sourced hops
100% Norfolk County fruit 🍒

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Do you make something uniquely local?  Would you like to offer your products through our market? Shoot us an e-mail letting us know why you think your product would make a good fit for our store.