ABV  6%

This beer was inspired by the old Belgian tradition of Lambic brewing, blending, and aging on sour cherries. A portion of our 2017 vintage Meueze was separated and refermented with Norfolk County grown Montmorency cherries. Fruity, full-bodied, and bottle conditioned.



This style derived its name from the fruit that gives it its most dominating flavour, a Belgian variety of sour cherry. This style of beer is made with a base of Lambic, a spontaneously fermented barrel-aged wheat beer, around 1 to 1.5 years old, to which sour cherries are added pit and all. The longer the beer stays on cherries the drier and more bitter it will become due in part to the pits. This aged Kriek is then blended with young Lambic to allow for bottle conditioning. Although traditional Kriek is dry, some modern examples of Kriek are sweetened.

At Meuse Brewing the Meueze was used as a base for this beer. With Belgian Kriek beer being such a notable style we wanted to try it with Norfolk County grown sour cherries.

Recreating traditions.