ABV  6%

This beer was inspired by the old Belgian tradition of Lambic brewing, blending, and aging on raspberries. The recipe for this beer is based on a traditional Lambic recipe, inoculated with a select blend of yeasts and bacteria. After aging for nearly 3 years in oak barrels, raspberries were added and a secondary fermentation was allowed to take place. Like more traditional examples of this style, our version is dry. Fruity, tart, full-bodied, and bottle conditioned.



Similar to the Kriek, this style derives its name from the fruit that gives it its most dominating flavour, the french word for raspberries. This style of beer is made with a base of Lambic, a spontaneously fermented barrel-aged wheat beer, around 6 months to a year, to which raspberries are added. The beer can sit on raspberries anywhere from one month to a year. The Framboise is then blended with young lambic to allow for bottle conditioning. Although traditional examples tend to be dry, modern takes on this beer are often sweetened to create a more accessible drink.

Framboise is a notable style that has survived the test of time for good reason. With an abundance of Raspberries grown in Ontario, it was an easy choice to brew this beer. Our Framboise uses raspberries grown 25km from our brewery in neighbouring county of Oxford.

A treat like no other.