ABV  5.0%

This beer, in true farmhouse style, showcases locally grown hops from our friends at Hayhoe Hops in Elgin County. The Cascade and Chinook hop varieties lend floral, citrus, and herbal hop aroma and flavour that work together with a mild malt base. Our house yeast adds a mildly spicy character and fully dries out this beer. Easy going, light-bodied, and bottle conditioned.


Hopped Farmhouse Ales

Though hops have been around the low land region for centuries, the beers from Belgium tended to be sweeter and stronger standing apart from lagers. Though that does not mean hops always played in the background. However, as is the case with a wide array of Belgian beers, there is no distinct style category for more hop-forward beers with most brewers playing to their own tune rather than following style criteria.

At Meuse Brewing, Extra is our take on a hop-forward farmhouse ale, landing somewhere between a pale ale and Belgian session IPA. Grounding it in our region are hops from Hayhoe Hops. Across the board, we hope to imbue some sense of terroir into our beers, and that only happens when you use locally sourced ingredients.

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