ABV  5.0%

This beer is our first entry into fruited beer territory. Using Norfolk County grown sour cherries we can showcase why our area is referred to as Ontario’s Garden. The sour cherries combined with the light grainy base make for a flavour like cherry pie in a glass. Our house yeast dries it out and produces its vigorous carbonation that keeps your palate fresh. Easy going, fruity, and bottle conditioned.


Belgian-style Fruited Ales

Belgian-style fruit beers allow for a similar creative expression to saisons. The key is to ferment with traditional farmhouse-, Belgian-, Saison-type yeast and use fruit or fruit extract as an adjunct in either the mash, kettle, primary or secondary fermentation providing obvious (ranging from subtle to intense), yet harmonious, fruit qualities.

At Meuse Brewing, we were so excited to work with Norfolk County grown sour cherries that this was an easy second beer for us. While being a clean, non-sour, beer the sour cherries lend some of their tartness to the beer while our traditional farmhouse yeast dries out the beer in a unique way leaving it less sweet than other examples of a cherry beer. We love being able to work with a local farmer not 15 minutes away from us to source these sour cherries like they would in old-world times of farmhouse brewing.

A treat worth sharing!