We are ready to welcome you to
The Meuse Beer Garden
Come join us for a taste of what makes Meuse this summer.
Drink a beer, watch the barley grow, feed the chickens,
explore the corn maze, and a whole lot more!

The bottle shop remains open at the Meuse Market
on the corner of hwy 24 & Windham rd 3

See you there!

Looking to bring our beer to your doorstep? We offer weekly home delivery through our webshop!



Meuse is a farmhouse brewery, farm, and market on a rural 25-acre property in Norfolk County.
We make beer that is tied to tradition and molded by the terroir of our surroundings.
A welcoming place for all people to relax in a natural setting.

Saison de la Meuse

Farmhouse Saison

5% Alc./Vol.

Inspired by the Belgian farmhouse ales, our take on the refreshing summer ale is fruity, mildly spicy and finishes off dry and crisp.

Available on tap in the beer garden, in the bottle shop to go, and through the LCBO and grocery!

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What we are about

Beer is more than a refreshing beverage. There is an immense scope in brewing ranging from longstanding traditions to modern trends, from regional influences to personal preferences. At Meuse, we get excited about beer and its possibilities. This is why we want to specialize ourselves in some unique farmhouse styles of beer. From finding a marriage between beer and wine country through our barrel-aging program to exploring what the land around us has to offer us.

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